Joel Anderson  (C.V., bio, links, etc.) 
Dept. of Philosophy  (link)
Utrecht University   

joel dot anderson at 

Heidelberglaan 8 * Postbus 80126
3508 TC Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Tel:  +31 - (0)30-253-2874 (or -1831; fax: -2816)

Last updated: April 2010
Zeno Lectures

My courses:

B.A. 3027 (annual, blok 2)
Intro to Philosophy of Mind

B.A. 3040

Rationality, Action & Identity

B.A. 3045

Philos Anthro & Critical Theory

MA 4052: Moral Psychology
2005:  Practical Self-Knowledge
2007: Autonomy, Neuroscience, Free Will
2009: Extended Mind & Scaffolded Autonomy

Past courses:
MA 3041
Phil Social Science
2004: Freedom through Constraint
2006: Agency and Social Practices

@ Washington U. in St. Louis

What I Work On
  • Personal Autonomy
  • Theories of agency, self, personhood & "phil. anthropology"
  • Neuro-ethics
  • Critical social theory
  • Discourse ethics
  • "The politics of human irrationality"

Articles & Papers
Procrastination&Extended Will
(w/ Joe Heath)

Autonomy Gaps/Social Pathology

Review of Habermas, Future of Human Nature (for Ethics)

Autonomy, Vulnerability, Recognition, and Justice

(w/Axel Honneth)

Knowing One's Own Strength:  Reasonable Self-Assessment &  Personal Autonomy (w/ W. Lux)

The Third Generation of the Frankfurt School
(click on the images for info)
Autonomy and the Challenge to Liberalism
Struggle for Recognition
(2005) Autonomy & Challenges to Liberalism (w/JohnChristman)
(1996) Translation of Honneth, The Struggle for Recognition

Philosophical Explorations
I'm on the editorial board of this journal of philosophy of mind and action.

(click on the image for info)
Special issue I've edited on "Free Will as Part of Nature" w/ essays by Habermas, Clarke, Quante, Schroeder, & Searle